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Many people are unsure or unaware of what consents are required for any building works. Generally speaking Planning Permission is required if you are changing the external appearance of a propetry, and a Building Warrant is required for any alteration.


Living and working in Helensburgh we have much experience in dealing with the local Planning and Building Control Departments as well as those close by. As large areas of the local area are designated as Conservation Areas some developments may require consents that would not be necessary elsewhere. We are able to advise and guide you through exactly what is required for your project.

Established in 2005, HMA Architects is based in Helensburgh and run by Iain and Hilary McIntosh, providing architectural expertise on a wide variety of building types.


On a domestic level our imaginative but practical approach could provide the perfect living solution for you, be it  a small extension or one off house. While previous experience in large scale developments, such as hospitals and shopping centres, means we are able to oversee larger non-domestic projects.